Triiio Coffee Table
Walnut oiled, bronze glass(1614L-B)

  • 2,300,000원
  • 적립금 23,000원 (1%)
  • Driven by an aspiration to create contemporary furniture pieces that celebrate the values of classic Danish design, Brdr. Krüger launches a remarkable trio of tables by Danish architect Hans Bølling.
    Originally sketched in 1958, the three TRIIIO Tables have been finalised in close collaboration with Hans Bølling, and put into production for the first time. The TRIIIO Table is available in three variants: coffee table, side table and dining table with smooth finish and the addition of elegant, tinted glass and accents of brass, to give the table a contemporary and modern feel.
  • P0000BHX
  • Ø 90 x H 40 cm
  • Walnut wood, bronze glass

Omaggio vase Granite Plum H200

  • 61,000원
  • 적립금 600원 (1%)
  • This Omaggio vase is perfect for all types of flowers and bouquets. The graceful classic rose colour adds a feminine touch to the minimalistic Nordic home. The soft shape of the vase complements the rose-coloured stripes to engender a more mild expression than the brighter colours of the Omaggio series. Compliment the beautiful colour of the vase with the flowers of the season and welcome Kähler's new modern classic.
  • P0000KXG
  • W 16.5 x H 20 cm
  • Ceramic

Fly chair SC1
Hot madison 495
Smoked oiled oak

  • 2,850,000원
  • 적립금 28,500원 (1%)
  • The Fly Series by Space Copenhagen is a lounge collection made up of two sofas, an armchair, two tables and a pouf. Pushing the idea of lounging to its fullest, Fly is a series that allows the user to sit, lie, rest, and relax. Unlike many of the sofas and easy chairs in Scandinavian design history, Fly does not impose any particular posture onto the sitter. The seat itself is optimised for comfort, with loose cushions for the back that can be arranged according to the user’s own needs. But Fly adheres to tradition in other respects; the frame of the sofa and armchair, with a slatted back rest, is made from solid oak, treated with white pigmented oil or smoked oil. It is the type of material and treatment that ages with true grace, only becoming more beautiful with time. Space Copenhagen gathers much of their inspiration from travels abroad, often in the form of ambience and mood. An example could be as simple as a particular wall in the streets of SoHo, New York, the distressed look of which makes its way into Space Copenhagen’s imagination.
  • P0000KWD
  • W 87 x D 80 x H 70 cm
  • Smoked oiled oak, fabric

Norm Wall Clock
Brushed Stainless Steel (6068039)
주문 후 3개월 소요

  • 279,000원
  • MENU
  • 적립금 2,700원 (1%)
  • Bringing a whole new meaning to the word “timeless”, we love Norm Wall Clock for its classic, minimal yet dramatic design. Its creators, Copenhagen-based design duo Norm Architects, are on a mission to bring about the comeback of the clock. We think they’ve cracked it with Norm Wall Clock. Available in brushed steel or brushed brass.
  • P0000KGX
  • Ø30 x D2.7/0.2 cm
  • Stainless steel